Measuring Up Just Mobile

My first experience with prepaid mobile phone plans was actually with Just Mobile, this was about 3 – 4 years ago. Just Mobile have come a long way since then.

Late last year, Just Mobile launched Just 15, their leading prepaid mobile offer. Just 15 has become so popular that even A Current Affair mentioned them in a Best Phone Plans Segment they ran earlier this year. recargas telcel

There are a couple of really good features that come with the Just 15 offer. Let’s start with the ZERO connection fee. That is, they don’t charge 10c – 25c unlike every other prepaid mobile provider.

Secondly, they offer ‘per second’ billing, whereas others charge per a 30 second or a 1 minute block. This way you only get charged for exactly what you use. Speak on the phone for 45 seconds, get charged for 45 seconds. Others will charge you two 30 second blocks or a full minute. The actual cost per second is 0.5c (ie 15c per 30 seconds). SMS are also 15c each.

Credit Expiry is also a very competitive 180 days (half a year if you are still working it out).

So how does it compare? Just Mobile customers currently have an average call length of 1.2 minutes (72 seconds), so let’s compare them to some of the other leading offers out there and see how well they do:

Just Mobile – Bean Counter – Optus Talk/Txt – Lebara – Savvytel

Call Rate – 15c – 5c – 10c – 7.5c – 12c

Flagfall – 0c – 25c – 10c – 25c – 20c

Cost p/Call – 36c – 40c – 40c – 55c – 56c

Credit Exp – 180 days – 45 days – 30 days – 90 days – Never expire

Cost per call is based on a 72 second phone call.

Here is the deal: Just Mobile is offering $5 startups. Sign on for just $5 and get your prepaid sim card mailed to you. When you recharge for the very first time you also get 50% bonus on your recharge. So recharge $50, get $75 in credit. Simple and affordable. Love to know what you think of Just Mobile. We would love to know what you think of these plans.


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