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Mi 9 introduced by Mi maker China, is similar to other flagship phones introduced by the brand. The dual curved screen offers a unique feature of having two screens in one. The first screen is the regular home screen, which can be accessed through a gesture. Secondly, there is a secondary screen, which can be used to access all the important applications and features of the phone. Through a single fingerprint scanner, all the information needed for the user is registered.

Mi 9 offers unique features like water resistance to a certain extent, and is also protected from scratches. It comes with a unique six-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, providing a clear and sharp image. The display is equipped with 5. Berks LCD panel with a 19.9 inch widescreen aspect ratio, giving it a striking edge. The screen offers FHD+ resolution of 1920x 1080 pixels,which offers an impressively sharp screen-to- Body ratio of ninety.3 percent. In addition, the phone has a Gorilla glass front, along with the Corning gorilla glass on the sides.

One of the main selling features of the Mi 9 is its amazing battery, which offers a remarkable efficiency level. With a capacity of twenty minutes of talk time, users can conveniently enjoy an active life. According to Mi maker, the efficient battery draws just fifteen minutes of power when the phone is switched off, which proves its efficiency in usage. Another unique feature of the battery is that users do not need to connect the charger to the computer in order to charge it, which helps the Mi 9 charge up in just half an hour.

To capture the excellent performance of the Mi 9, the company has also included some of the best features around, like the sophisticated front camera and sound quality. For example, the front camera of the xiaomi miu 9 packs a strong eight mega-pixels, optical zoom lens with f/2.0 aperture. The images are highly visible and sharp, and come in vibrant colors. The rear camera of the phone has another eight mega-pixels, which helps bring out the details in the images, which are usually lost in low resolution phones. To add to the impressive front camera, the front camera of the xiaomi miu 9 also features an optical zoom lens, and hence provides images with high definition clarity.

The second highlight of the xiaomi miu 9 pro is its large internal memory. Users can easily store more than hundred thousand songs, along with more than two hundred pictures. The memory card slot is capable of storing videos, photos, and games. Users can easily expand the memory size of the device using the SD card slot. This huge internal memory comes in handy, when the device is used to capture and store high-quality videos, and photos.

Apart from all these amazing features, the Mi 9 pro is also loaded with powerful features, like its water resistance. The device is featured with IP protection, so that it can resist water and dust intrusion, and remain functional for a long time. The battery life of the device is well documented, and users can expect up to seventy hours of talk time on a single charge. This is far more than the twenty hour talk time provided by the iPhone 4S and iPad, and is far more than the ten hour of life provided by the Motorola DROID and HTC Evo Shift. Mi 9

These are some of the highlights of the xiaomi mobiles, which can be easily obtained from the online stores when you buy these handsets. This device can be purchased at a mymobilemarket online shop, if you do not want to buy it from the retail outlets in your city. You can even avail of great discounts and freebies, when you buy this phone in bulk. You can get all the information about the device, including its specifications, prices, and all the details, from the online store.

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